Exclusive interview of ‘Pervaiz Musharraf’ in ‘Khara Sach’

December 19, 2013 23:07

Exclusive interview of ‘Pervaiz Musharraf’ in ‘Khara Sach’

KARACHI: “I don’t want to runaway cowardly and will face all the trials to makes the thing clear”, said former President Gen. Rtd. Pervaiz Musharraf during his exclusive interview with anchor Mubashir Luqman in a program of ARY News ‘Khara Sach’.

In his first interview after getting release on bail, talking about his close colleagues, who left him at difficult time, Pervaiz Musharraf said that ups and downs are part of life.

“If I got the chance to rule the country in future, I will do whatever is beneficial for Pakistan”, said former president.

Speaking about Prime Minster Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, he said that apart from differences with him, his priority is Pakistan.

He said that negotiations with Taliban should be on the basis of equality, adding “I don’t believe in begging.”

When inquired about drone attacks, Pervaiz Musharraf said that there wasn’t any agreement with US to conduct drone attacks. He said that drone attacks are against the national sovereignty and advised the authority to deal the matter in a diplomatic way, “In my era of rule, US conducted about 7or 8 drone attacks, on which I fight with them and opposed it strongly”, he added.

When anchor Mubashir Luqman asked about Lal Masjid operation, former president said that an anchor of renowned news channel urged him to conduct the operation but later the same person and his channel started criticizing the operation.

Giving message to the nation, Pervaiz Musharraf said that we should love our country. He said that economic growth and maintaining peace is the utmost requirement for the positive progress of the country.


December 19, 2013 23:07
  • ali

    Pervaiz Musharraf Successful man for pakistan

  • Ghazala Rafiq

    Mubashir u r very good person. persobally i like u you are the one who are very the men of country and i am very much thankfull to you telecast pervaiz musharaf interview. we need this person for our country and save my beloved pakistan. thank you as a citizen of pakistan.

  • nazir

    Dear Mubassir, we value ur comments, and more so ur brothers, men of value. u may persue and spk Khara Such, but not to let any body distort the facts and given free hand to justify his blunders in the interest of Pakistan.We are in this mess because of him.Wrong policy decisions my take decades to correct it.Humality has never passed him, uniform his second skin and Mallaca Cane was his strength,if love for uniform, the should have easily got elevated himself to the higher slot of CJCSC. He never visited his troops as COAS deployed in FATA even once to boost thier morale, what pity to b chief plus commando. he earned mony by forced selling his self praise-book on the army offrs and libs. His charm visits spec to EU were worth millions of $. the list is long, but let a spent force b part of the spent lot as he used to call it. thanx

    • Sajjad Baig

      Any politician in Pakistan would have made same decision as Musharraf did at that time that was a wise decision beside none of the so called leaders of Pakistan have the courage to say NO to USA. Look at what Zardari did and now Nawaz is doing.

    • Sajjad Baig

      Musharraf made the right decision at that time any other would have done the same Nawaz or any other have no courage to say no to USA. As long as you depend on US Aid.

  • smt

    Dear Luqman Bhai, keep it up, Pervez Musharaf sada jeo, and Zinda-abad

  • Salim Hashim

    Pervez Musharraf Zindabaad, Mubashar Luqman Zindabaad, Pakistan Paindabaad
    The time will come, justice must prevail, corruption must be stopped, corrupt must be exposed to the people of Pakistan.
    Geo General and thank you for putting Pakistan First

  • Salim Hashim

    I have only one advice for nazir. look at the facts and figures before making baseless statements. Look at every aspect from economy to security to welfare and the most the credibility of Pakistan at international level. Compare all of these with the period when Great Musharraf ruled the country and when Corrupt PPP and Corrupt Family business looting the country.
    And before you make another statement, be honest with yourself.

  • syed

    The leaders who can not pay taxes honestly why does the nation expect them to do good. I am surprised that this nation lives in a fools paradise and expect miracles. Like during Zardari tenure there is no let up in deaths in fact there are more deaths on the streets, more drone attacks and the leaders are singing the song of prosperity. All the good people of Pakistan should rise up against corruption

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